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The whole liturgical year in one sight

26 February 2020 - 11 April 2020
Spirituality tough but exhilarating. A change, a passage that can not be done without cutaways, eyes fixed on the exciting goal: the profound success of our life in Christ.
Holy Week
5 April 2019 - 11 April 2020
The great, the Holy Week where we follow Christ step by step, until His victorious Resurrection.
Now comes the big week, the most beautiful, the most important of all, and the one that is called the Holy Week. During this week we will follow Christ step by step. As the Creed that, at this point, slackened its pace and lingers on details. For it is the core of our Faith that we will profess, celebrate and live in a majestic slow motion…
Holy Wednesday: Chrism Mass
8 April 2020
For this celebration, the “presbyterate” gathers together: This event reminds the community’s common responsibility to never give a single one up, whatever his condition, he is one of their own. It is to remind the priest that he has first to be in charge not of the command but of the generation of the fraternal spirit. He repeats to each member of his community that if a member of the community is forgotten, the whole community is hurting; if someone is abandoned, the whole community does not respond to its mission…
Holy Thursday
9 April 2020
The celebration of the passage (Passover) from death to Resurrection.
It is especially St. Paul who highlights the close link between the Eucharist and Christ’s death on the cross, when he quotes the words of Jesus, Our Lord, in 1 Cor. 11:24-26: “…after He had given thanks, broke it and said,”This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.“In the same way also the cup, after supper, saying,”This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.“For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until He comes.”
Holy Friday
10 April 2020
Celebrating the day of Christ’s death, it is in conscious faith that we are freed by the cross.
Two contradictory yet inseparable cries are the warp and weft of the liturgical fabric of the day: Jesus’ cry, My God why have you forsaken me, and the cry of the Church: Through the wood of the cross, joy came to the world…

Holy Saturday : Easter Vigil
11 April 2020
Festive evening: Christ is risen, and we all rise with Him.
Blessed night that can not compete on Christmas night (despite its popularity) because that one is only for this one: Christ came (at Christmas) to free us (at Easter). Without this night, all the Christian liturgy floats adrift: if Christ is not risen, our faith is hollow, there is nothing in it (1 Cor 15:14).
Easter Sunday of Resurrection
12 April 2020
After the vigil of Easter night comes the celebration of the Resurrection Day in the light of the risen sun.
The first day of the Jewish week, the women went to the tomb; on this particular first day, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene; that same day, the disciples of Emmaus recognized Him; the evening of that day, Jesus stood in their midst; eight days later (thus always the first day of the week) Jesus comes…
The Paschal Time
12 April 2020 - 31 May 2020
50 days of celebration around the Resurrection of Jesus. The life of the first Christians is mentioned in the readings.
This first week is of particular solemnity. Every day, we sing the Gloria and the preface speaks of “Today when Christ our Passover has been sacrificed.” The dismissal: “Go in the peace of Christ” is lined with joyful Alleluia…
Octave Our Lady
2 May 2020 - 17 May 2020
The pilgrimage to Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted is a pillar of the Luxembourg popular piety. The Octave takes place from 3rd to 5th Sunday after Easter.
21 May 2020
Festival of the passing of Christ’s earthly life into His glorious life.
What we are celebrating exactly, it is less a departure than another presence of Jesus. Did He not tell us, when leaving us visibly: I am with you always, until the end of the world (Mt 28:20)? He is there, but otherwise more subtly. Glorious, acting in His Spirit who communicates Him to us…
21 May 2020
Pilgrimage of the Portuguese-speaking community to Wiltz: Erected after a solemn vow made by the parishioners in the distress of the Second World War, the Calvary and the chapel (12th station) demonstrate of the religious conviction and trust in Our Lady Fatima. When they arrived in the mid 20th century, our Portuguese fellow citizens have discovered with joy and gratitude the sanctuary on the hill, a patch of land symbol of their homeland. Since 1968 thousands of families are gathering on the day of the Ascension in pilgrims to climb from the church to the shrine.
31 May 2020
After the Easter birth, there is the spiritual maturity. That which is born in the waters of baptism on Easter night, will be in the open, strengthened, confirmed.
Pentecost is still Easter - more than ever. It’s Easter at its last summit. For the last day of the great festival bursts with magnificence what was accomplished in the divine silence of the morning of the Resurrection…
Dancing Procession
2 June 2020
As every procession, the dancing procession, which takes place on Whit Tuesday in Echternach, is also a pictorial representation of a people of God, which is on the way. It does not stop at the familiar, but moves towards a goal. This goal, is firstly the papal Basilica, and especially its crypt in which are hosted the remains of the second patron of Luxembourg, St Willibrord, and international saints.
15 August 2020
Glorious ascent to heaven of the Virgin Mary.
It notes a feast of the Dormition of Mary from the mid-5th century, celebrated on January 18, without knowing exactly why that date. The Emperor Maurice († 602) transferred it to the August 15, prescribing to solemnify it particularly. The celebration is widespread in East and West around the 7th century, but its specific purpose, such as Pius XII defined the dogma of the Assumption, was not so obvious at first. We celebrate the Dormition of Mary, that is to say, her going up to Heaven while she was dormant thus without being dead, as we are rejoicing at the thought of the reunion with our loved ones we are missing because already gone to see Our Heavenly Father...
Feast of All Saints
1 November 2020
Feast of All Saints.
The origins of All Saints date back to the time when the persecution ceased, the Church felt the need to celebrate in a common celebration the countless known and unknown martyrs. The East then commemorated the martyrs on the first Sunday after Pentecost, as the fruits of the Spirit that animated these heroes of faith…
Memorial of the deceased
2 November 2020
“You, at least, have the luck to believe!”
Who among us has not heard that little remark on the occasion of the funeral of a relative, a friend or a colleague? It is indeed unbelievers who, on the occasion of mourning or some public suffering, envy our faith…
Octave St. Willibrord
7 November 2020
The feast of St. Willibrord 7. November is celebrated in the Basilica of Echternach traditionally with an octave. In the week in which the feast takes place, pilgrims come from the different deaneries around Echternach to the tomb of the 2. Saint Patron of our country in pilgrimage. Representatives of all the parishes of the dioceses next to ours come too.
Ordinarily Time
1 June 2020 - 28 November 2020
The ordinary time fits between two highlights. Not in a pejorative sense, but as a usual great one. The readings lead us on the paths bordering the Jordan River, on those leading to the villages of Galilee. Three years of the life of Christ gradually lift the veil on His identity.
Christ King of the Universe
22 November 2020
Christ’s Celebration of His leading humanity and the universe to their glorious completion.
The feast of Christ the King is of recent origin. It was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 to affirm the religious proficiency of the Church in the secular domain from which the modern mentality sometimes wants to exclude her. We have to be Christians not only in mass, but also in our family life, in social activities and in our political choices and values…

The Advent-time
29 November 2020 – 24 December 2020
First stage towards Easter, Advent exercises us to expect the glorious coming of the resurrected Jesus.
Advent is a mixture of several preparatory times for Christmas:
One more ascetic, a kind of ’Christmas Lent", preparing for baptism which is conferred the day of Epiphany (of Gallo-Egyptian influence). The other more historical: the joyful preparation for the feast of the birth of Christ (Roman influence). And a third more eschatological, facing the final coming of Christ in glory (Irish influence)…
Christmas, Nativity of the Lord
25 December 2020
For most, Christmas is the manger, the shepherds, the angels, the star, the Three Wise Men. They celebrate Christmas in spare parts and do not see that Christmas is a start: today the Savior is born; it is the start of a climb to the summit of Calvary where the Savior on the cross, will free us. He is the One from whom will sing the “Resurrection” in the Easter Night and thanks to whom will be born in the waters of baptism as Children of God. If Christmas is a birth it is so in order of Easter’s rebirth…
25 December 2020 - 10 January 2021
A time to make joy last. Christ came and He remains among us.
Christmas, already celebrated in three successive masses (night, dawn, day), will now continue in the celebrations of the Holy Family and of Mary, Mother of God. Following these two more intimate celebrations, will come the brilliant Epiphany, itself extended by the Baptism of Our Lord.
Let us make joy last. For Christ did not only come for to live a man’s life; He remains among us. And let the party go on!…
Our Lord’s Epiphany
3 January 2020
Feast of the manifestation of God who comes to visit His people.
This festival is, strictly speaking, bigger than Christmas. Let’s call it Christmas in its fullness. The Catholic people of the West, especially since St. Francis of Assisi, the inventor of our Christmas crib, prefers Christmas, and celebrates the historic event, the birth of the Child Jesus. Orientals and, to a large extent, our liturgy, celebrate a deeper event: the Epiphany of God, the glorious manifestation of the Word of God in our midst…

Ordinarily Time
11 January 2021 - 16 February 2021
The ordinary time fits between two highlights. Not in a pejorative sense, but as usual great. The readings lead us on the paths bordering the Jordan River, on those leading to the villages of Galilee. Three years of the life of Christ gradually lift the veil on His identity.

17 February 2021
Day of Repentance at the beginning of Lent.
Sundays, the days of the Resurrection of Our Lord, are days of joy, they were never days of fasting. A scrupulous liturgy noticed therefore that there were not exactly forty days of fasting. So it was decided to start the fasting on the Wednesday preceding the first Sunday. With the fasting custom, the imposition of ashes on public penitents moved too on that Wednesday…
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