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Orientéierungshëllef fir d’Héichpunkten . Repères des temps forts  

Introduction to the Holy Week

Here we are at the gates of Jerusalem. Forty days we have struggled through the desert of effort and asceticism, in the more assiduous meditation of Scripture, the real sharing of our goods, the generous forgiveness and the reconciliation. With the catechumens we have prepared their baptism by preparing the renewal of our own promises.

Forty days. Now comes the great week, the most beautiful one, the most important one of all, and which is called the Holy Week. And during which we will follow Christ step by step. Like the Creed, which slows down its walk at this point, lingers, details. For it is the nucleus of our Faith that we will profess, celebrate and live in a majestic slow motion.
We who shake ourselves so readily at the forefront of the scene, now from ourselves we leave it, we retreat -at last- in order to let the power of God act, to participate as concerned spectators, passing from fright to jubilation.

These events are now reaching their target: we ourselves, whom Christ wants to make pass from a “dead life” to His own life, from our chains to His liberation.
“Be like Christ: He has stripped Himself of all His rights, He has lowered Himself, becoming man like us, He has made Himself obedient, He realized in this obedience the plan of liberation until death on a cross, so God, His Father, raised Him up again.”(second reading of Palm Sunday, Ph. 2,5-9).

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