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Krankesalbung . Onction des malades  
27 September 2016


When administering the sacrament of the sick?

It can be received on the occasion of any serious illness. The sacrament of the sick is not the sacrament of death. It is a strength that Christ offers to the sick humans.

In most cases it is asked when the patient is dying and, usually is more aware. This is not the deeper meaning of the sacrament. We must change attitudes about it.

Who can administer the sacrament of the sick?

Only a priest can do this because this sacrament is strongly linked to the sacrament of reconciliation.

Who can attend the sacrament of the sick?

It is recommended that close relatives, friends or caregivers are present. They can support the patient through their prayers.

What is part of the sacrament of the sick?

When the patient wishes it, he can receive the sacrament of reconciliation before the sacrament of the sick and then Holy Communion (Viaticum).

Where can we celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick?

- * If the patient is not bedridden, the sacrament can be administered at the church or in another suitable place. There must be a space large enough so that eventually the family or friends of the patient can also take part.
- * If the patient is bedridden, he can receive the sacrament at home, in hospital or in the nursing home.

Can several patients all receive the sacrament of the sick?

The Sacrament of the sick may be celebrated in community in various ways: for example, when it is the Octave, for the salvation of the sick. Some parishes also offer such celebrations.

In this case, each person must receive the laying on of hands and the sacramental formula related to the anointing. All other texts will be formulated once for all.

How many times can we receive the sacrament of the sick?

Whenever one is suffering from a serious illness, one can receive this sacrament as often as found necessary, for ex. several times. So we can receive it in a lifetime several times and even several times during the course of the disease.

Can a dead still receive the sacrament of the sick?

If someone dies, the administration of the sacrament of the sick is meaningless. Its role is to give strength to the seriously ill. This follows the words that accompany this sacrament: “So, having delivered You from your sins, may the Lord save You and lift You up”.

In this case, the church - in the person of the priest, the deacon or the parish assistant, etc. - May accompany the family in mourning. They can pray together around the bed of the deceased. In most hospitals, a place is provided in which one can celebrate a small office the day after the death.

Who can I contact to receive the sacrament of the sick?

You must contact the parish priest or the pastoral team of the parish, of the hospital, of the home care, etc. to make an appointment with the priest.

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