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27 September 2016


What are the requirements to become a priest?

A priest must be an unmarried man, with a traditional high school diploma or a technique high school diploma. He must be prepared to live celibacy in purity and present the necessary qualities: physical, psychological and spiritual qualities. An interview with the director of the seminary is prescribed.

What is the formation of a priest?

It involves three steps:

The first one is a qualifying year at the seminary in Luxembourg or in a seminar abroad (Trier - in Germany - or Limelette - in France -). During the year, the candidates are introduced to philosophy and theology as well as to prayer life.

The following year, the study of philosophy and theology continue abroad (in Landershofen or in Trier). During this period, candidates for the priesthood live in the seminary where they receive further training.

It is possible to interpose a year outside the seminar in another university city. In addition, during this time, various exercises take place in Luxembourg as exams on different subjects or annual retreats.

Finally, the last step occurs during the pastoral year, before the ordination, again in Luxembourg’s seminar. This final year of training is specifically focused on the future work of the priest and fulfills the necessary knowledge in the following areas: communication, preaching, spirituality, administration, liturgy and religious pedagogy.

The pastoral course ends with an internship in a parish for several months. During that year - in principle it starts in December or January - occurs the ordination as deacon, then at the end of that year - in June or July - the priestly ordination takes place.

Who do I call if I want to become a priest?

One can first learn about it through the site Seminar Luxembourg. There we find the address of the President of the seminar which is responsible for the formation of priests in Luxembourg. One can also contact a parish priest.

What is the scope of a priest?

Before the priest is assigned to a spiritual charge in a particular territory as parish priest in a parish unit. The training he followed prepared the future priest to intervene in multiple areas in collaboration with other members of the parish team: life and responsibility of the parish as catechism and the spiritual training, liturgy, adult education, helping the sick, youth ministry, etc. For more information one can contact each priest or the Seminary of Luxembourg.

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