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Laudato Si’-Woche 2020: Die ganze Welt im Zeichen der Solidarität  
16 May 2020

Laudato Si’ Week: Everything is connected

16-24 May: Catholics are uniting in solidarity for a more just and sustainable future

Pope Francis invites you to celebrate Laudato Si’ Week

About Laudato Si’ Week

2020 occasions the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’, which was signed on 24 May 2015.

Pope Francis’ encyclical on care for our common home, Laudato Si’, is an inspiration during moments of difficulty. It encourages us to reflect on the values we share and create a more just and sustainable future.

The theme of Laudato Si’ Week is “everything is connected.” During Laudato Si’ Week, we come together as one people around the world to prayerfully discern the lessons of this moment. While the world experiences a history-defining crisis, we reflect and prepare to build a better world.

Laudato Si’ has been welcomed as a document of deep and abiding beauty, and it has prompted people around the world to reflect more deeply on Creator and creation. Its vision of integral ecology, which sees connections between how we treat God, nature, and each other, offers simple but profound truths about the bonds that unite us.

If you have questions about Laudato Si’ Week, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Everything is connected

We’re living through history-shaping events. Laudato Si’ teaches us how to build a better world–together.

People everywhere are crying out for hope, and our faith is urgently needed to light the way. For Laudato Si’ Week, 16-24 May, Catholics are uniting in solidarity for a more just and sustainable future.

Stand united with our brothers and sisters in faith as we grow through the crisis of this moment to build a better tomorrow.

  • Reflect and prepare through online trainings, 16-23 May
  • Join the worldwide day of prayer, 24 May
  • Put preparation into action during the Season of Creation, this September

Laudato Si’ Week Activities

Partner Events: Laudato Si’ Week partners have created a rich variety of events to bring Laudato Si’ to life.

Global prayer

Bring solidarity to our world in a shared moment of prayer at noon local time on 24 May. Catholics from all across the globe will be united in spirit because “everything is connected.”

  • Feel free to share your own prayers on social media using the hashtag #LaudatoSi5.
  • Information about organizing a prayer service is HERE.
  • At noon your local time on 24 May, say this prayer:

Common Prayer for the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’

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